Introduction to VEX IQ

Learn more about VEX IQ Challenge on the REC Foundation page.

Purchasing VEX IQ Kits

Browse the kits available at this site. They sell Super Kits for $329.99. They also have larger packs, too.

Starting your own team

Quick start: Buy a kit. Bring together 2 to 4 children. Start building one of the standard builds. Play around and try driving it. Get the kids excited about robotics and then start digging into the game rules! You can learn quickly about the competition by watching this video on the VEX IQ Challenge Squared Away.

Full list of REC Foundation information on how to start a team.


There are grants available for new teams to VEX IQ. Find out more on REC Foundation’s grants page. If you apply for a grant, you are also committing to participating in VEX IQ competitions.

Competitions in D.C.

You will need to first register a team to find out local competitions. The link above to the REC Foundation has information about joining competitions.

Organizations Running VEX IQ Programs in Washington D.C.